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Mask as a Fashion Statement

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Every individual has an intrinsic need to look attractive and be ‘accepted’ in their social environment. The word “fashion” instantaneously brings to mind a flash of colour with a dash of glamour, a splash of elegance, style, and opulence

Masks – a pandemic-approved accessory is currently as necessary as the shoe or the handbag one carries. An added benefit: masks encourage minimal make-up, and allow you to flee without having to ‘smile for courtesy sake.’
Masks have grown from clinical products to designer pieces with pearls, masks have evolved into popular stylish accessories Whether they’re printed or woven, denim or cotton, masks with a creative, handmade touch are accepted widely by youngsters.

Having a mask that matches exactly is a FUN FASHION MOVE, however, matching masks through colour, pattern or distincting it along with your apparel or contrasting it with your attire has become an essential ingredient in one’s life. Nowadays, considering what mask to wear has become a part of planning an outfit or an area of designing an outfit.
Fashion always manages to find a way. Humans are unafraid to try new things in order to stand out, communicate, and survive in a hostile environment. As a result, the face mask, which was originally just practical and thought to be an unusual item, has evolved at breakneck speed into something more.

Masks are now promoted for everyone, whether conscious or not, as they straddle the line between medical necessity and fashion statement. Designers, entrepreneurs, and influencers recognise a window of opportunity. Fashion designers are leaving no stone unturned to use masks as a medium of expression and part of everybody’s accessory.

Masks are here to stay. And they’re quickly becoming a way to express ourselves. Even on fashion runways at various fashion shows, models are seen wearing matching masks with their dresses, displaying simplicity at its finest. Even celebs and well-known Hollywood and Bollywood figures have been seen wearing matching or Contrasting masks, customising their fashion style. Last week, Vogue published an article titled “Masks To Shop Now.”

Almost every day, another company announces the introduction of masks — or an old company pivots to offer them. Tie-dye masks are now available. Silk, denim, and the polyester and elastane used in bathing suits are all used to make masks. Masks with reversible sequins, similar to the pillows and backpacks that were popular among tweens in the past.


A model walks the runway at the Marine Serre Ready to Wear Fall/Winter 2019-2020 fashion show at Paris Fashion Week Autumn/Winter 2019/20 on February 26, 2019, in Paris, France.


The mask or ‘New Normal Face masks’ are, after all, intended to be a practical means to stop the spread of Covid-19. However, because these masks become an integral part of one’s appearance, representing one’s attitude and outlook on life, fashion must be incorporated.  People, nowadays wear masks that are in sync with their personal style as well as trendy at the same place. So, be a fashionista and take inspiration from different styles and cultures to create your own stylish mix-match.

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